Saturday, August 1, 2020

Update: Pinterest (PINS) surges 36%

Pinterest beat expectations after Wall St. underestimated much lower ad revenue.
Pinterest is proving to be a very strong platform.
Revenue growth up 4%
Users up 39% to 416 Million (!!) users.
Average revenue per user = $0.70 (0.25$ in US, $0.14 rest of the world)
Facebook's ARPU i= $7 - So there's plenty of room to grow because the platform is so naturally gears towards e-commerce. Users have very high purchasing intent.
Revenue model is great - Pinterest doesn't charge advertisers per click, rather charges per sale.
Ben Silverman is a great CEO.
There's no hateful speech on Pinterest so no political problems here.
Still very bullish on this company.
Pandemic really helped the business. More users have been added this quarters than in the last 3 quarters combined.
Still a lot of room to grow.
What if Pinterest opened it's own online marketplace and let companies sell through that?

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