Monday, March 23, 2020

Buying Weyerhaeuser Company (WY) @$15.40

- Timber REITs are simply run operations with low overhead.
- Makes a lot of sense as a long term investment, particularly with current 10% Dividend.
- Would prices tend to keep with inflation over time.
- Rising rates are bad for Timber REITs as the company usually borrows to grow.
- Cyclicality Risk: In recession time prices will drop so Timber REITs will under perform regular
Weyerhaeuser is the largest and best in class of the four US Timber REITs (RYN, PCH, 
- Timberland segment is the largest private owner of timberlands in the US.
- Company is geographically diverse - Southern, Western and Northern USA.
- Sustainability certified.
- Strong Dividend grower.
- Strong Balance sheet. Debt less than 25% of total capitalisation.
- Baa2/BBB Credit rating.

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