Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Buying Jfrog LTD $FROG @ $62.16

 Jfrog's mission is "to power a world of continuously updated, version-less software."  also known as  "Liquid Software." Basically, Jfrog allows software to be continuously updated.

"The Company has developed universal package repository, JFrog Artifactory, to fundamentally transform the way that the software release cycle is managed. Its package-based approach to releasing software enabled the category of CSRM, allowing software releases to be continuous and software to always be current. It enables organisations to store all package types in a common repository where they can be edited, tracked, and managed. Its unified platform connects all of the software release processes involved in building and releasing software, enabling CSRM."

- The company is Israeli. Run by Shlomi ben Haim. Founder led. 

- Growth is outstanding:

Subscription revenue grew 63% Yoy to $117M

Free cash flow grew 61% yoy to $13.3M

Customers spending over $100K/Year grew 68% Yoy to 286.

- Jfrog is facing possible competition from Amazon, Microsoft's GitHub, IBM's Red Hat and Google's cloud platform, But I feel this environment will favour the non exclusive player plus, Jfrog has a huge head start over the others.

- Also, since Jfrog actually packages Google, Microsoft and Amazon software.. will Google be happy letting Git Hub (Microsoft) package it's code?

- The most compelling argument to buying Jfrog is my conversations with tech people who actually use this product daily, and they say it's something the can't do without - that's all the 'Buy' signal I really need.


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