Thursday, October 1, 2020

Datadog announces strategic partnership with Microsoft. Stock rises 12%.

 Datadog announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. They will be added to Microsoft's Azure's cloud platform console. Datadog will be featured as a "first class service".

Azure customers will be able to use Datadog as their monitoring solution and will have the option to purchase a plan through the console and start receiving metrics from it.

This is the first time a third party monitoring service is integrated into a public facing cloud computing platform.

The real value of this deal could be the introduction and integration of the Datadog platform with Giuthub, recently acquired by Microsoft (for $7.5B), which provides a developer platform to host and review code and manage open source projects. Github has 31 Million users.

- This will clearly create new customers for Datadog.

- DDOG up 12% on the news.

- Position is up 163% in under 6 months.

- Reiterating 'Buy' opinion.

- Note to self: Microsoft will acquire Datadog.

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