Monday, August 10, 2020

Buying Fastly (FSLY) @ $82.51

 Fastly is a global content delivery Network. In a nutshell.. it makes the internet faster for companies or websites who want to make sure users get fast access to their pages, especially while they are trending and experiencing a lot of traffic.

For example.. If a Ticketmaster is selling tickets to a concert and tickets go on sale at midnight.. Fastly will help the Ticketmaster website by providing on demand bandwidth for that short period of time.

Fastly works great and has many customers to prove it.

This investment is inline with my strategy of focusing on Tech stocks with the realizatdion that this is the only industry with explosive growth potential for the next few years. Everything else is screwed by Covid.

The stock has had a very strong run up in the past few months so this will be a bumpy ride and patience is advised.

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