Friday, May 22, 2020

Buying Globus Medical (GMED) @$57.00

Globus Medical are a medical device company that designs and sell products that alleviate spine disorders. 
The company is profitable.
The reason I'm taking a stake in GMED is that they have developed a new technology that enables Doctors to use robotic surgery to implant a stent in the spine. 
Precision tools make a lot of sense in such delicate operations.
Until now, the only way to use robotics was performing the operation while using a live x-ray image. This exposes the doctor to radiation and so was used in less than 2% of procedures.
G med's technology uses an image taken previous to the operation and uses that to guide the robotic procedure. No radiation. No risk to the Doctor. Higher success rates. Quicker patient recovery. Less law suites against the hospital. I like it.

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