Thursday, March 12, 2020

Buying Axon Enterprise (AXON) @$57.01

Axon is best known for being the manufacturer of TASER guns. It's also the market leader in body cameras and dashboard cameras, and runs, a cloud-based digital evidence management software database that pairs with data collected from cameras and allows it to be stored, shared, analysed, and managed easily.

Axon is a great long term hold in my mind. With Corona virus threat looming, this company has zero debt.
It's customers are police forces in the US and around the globe.
Body Cams are the new big thing with police forces.
The company is well run and in time of turbulence will simply sell even more product.

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  1. Axon Enterprise is reportedly the only company the Drug Enforcement Administration is considering for a new contract to provide body cameras, charging and docking stations, cloud storage, and evidence database management.

    The agency is negotiating a sole-source contract with the company because the DEA wants direct streaming access to the system, which only Axon can provide.